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Let’s Get Cooking (so we don’t have to later)!

Two things I can’t stand are throwing away good food and stressing about what to put on the table after a long day. So, when I can find a little time, I like to clean out the fridge and do some cooking ahead. I get beautiful organic produce both from my local CSA and at a discount from The beauty of M.M. is you can choose your box size, what comes in your box, and your delivery day (weekly or every other week). You can even skip a week (or donate your box to a food bank) or pause your subscription anytime. Feel free to use my code to get 25% your first box: COOKWME-YX0GQX...still, sometimes I still end up with more than my family can eat right away, so it’s time to get cooking and preserving - can, freeze, or lacto-ferment (more on the heath benefits of lacto-fermenting in a future post). Anyway, yesterday I had lots of orange root veggies on hand, so I whipped up one of my favorite Fall soups - with fresh ginger, maple syrup, and citrus zest -yummm! It’s all ready and waiting for Thanksgiving, IF it lasts! My subscribers get the details of exactly how to make it and more ideas for cook-ahead meals using whatever you have lying around. I also roasted off some true balsamic glut - the leftover chunky parts of the tomatoes and garlic made a super-flavorful tapenade! Is your mouth watering yet? (See more pics on my Facebook and Instagram pages).

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