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Winning Wednesday: Green Goddess

Nourishing Nutritional Life Hacks to help you conquer Hump Day

This dressing/spread will have you longing for your lunch bag while your coworkers go for takeout (not that takeout isn’t absolutely okay sometimes - see my first Blog Post: “It’s Okay”).

But, I tell you this concoction will knock any salad, sandwich, or reheated leftovers out of the park and, I dare say, your socks off! 😆

Thanks to Misfits Market for this great basic recipe (see below), but really you can toss in whatever fresh herbs you have on hand (remember those flavor and immune-boosting phytonutrient-packed beauties?)

You can grow your own, but depending on your locale, direct sunlight sufficient for them to flourish can be hard to come by this time of year (hence some of my ghastly UV-lit photos on Insta). Misfits typically has affordable fresh parsley available every week as a standard option, as well as other add-ons. When I made it this time, I also substituted a small leek for the scallions. There is also really no need to take time measuring anything. That‘s too much like work - just throw it all into your blender, and I promise it will taste delicious.

I’ve also heard of using yogurt instead of mayo, but I love the taste and mouthfeel of mayonnaise, and frankly I’m rather tired of it getting such a bad rap. It’s made out of a little egg, heart-healthy vegetable oil, and vinegar. But hey, if you want to think of it as indulgent, I totally get that 😉. Plus, if you slather this loveliness on a wrap stuffed with fresh spinach, sprouts, and soft mozzarella, like I did, then you’ve got it covered in the calcium department. (Sorry y’all, it didn’t last long enough for me to snap a pic 😋. If you’ve been following me long enough, you know how hungry I can get! Hey, I’m a busy girl!)

Remember, if the idea of packing your lunch for work everyday still sounds daunting, or if you’re dead convinced that anything green will make you dry heave, hey, I got you. It’s okay. You’re okay. Message me, and let’s chat about it. We’re all on a journey. We might as well have some friends and support along the way.



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